About PMFF

The Philippines' Biggest Fashion Event – Festival Reboot Beyond the Runway

Manila Fashion Festival (MFF) paves the way for local and international designers and brands in promoting their creations and building business opportunities. In this 4-day gala, creatives and connoisseurs join together to celebrate fashion and innovation. MFF has been putting the spotlight on the Philippine fashion scene since 2014 showcasing world-class artistry.

MFF has evolved into a prestigious and awaited event in the industry since its beginnings. In April 2018, Panasonic Philippines officially joined the event by becoming its naming partner.

Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival (PMFF) shifts into a whole different direction for the upcoming seasons as Go Lifestyle Group took over as the new organizers in 2020.

Having Go Lifestyle Group as our new organiser, PMFF will continue to uplift the Philippine fashion industry by creating numerous opportunities for the community. It strives to go beyond its limits by continuously creating platforms and events where designers, buyers, and suppliers can collaborate.