Panasonic Festival Sponsorship
Inaugurated as Manila Fashion Festival in 2014, PMFF has been renamed in 2018, following the principal sponsorship of Panasonic. The teams have been working together for years in pursuit of highlighting innovation and diversity in the Philippine fashion scene.

Innovating Together
Merging high fashion with high technology, Panasonic is a key collaborator of PMFF as it shifts its branding gears to lifestyle. The sponsorship aims to elevate the opportunities of the festival by combining creative storytelling through textile works with technological innovation.

Panasonic Beauty and Lifestyle Talks
Since 2018, PMFF has been conducting webinars along with its sponsors. This aims to share the trade insights on lifestyle, beauty, and business, for students, industry professionals, and retailers.



With more than 150 years of history to its name, STYLEM has been leading the industry with its expertise in textile production. They have an extensive clientele that includes major high fashion brands from all over the world. Through their projects, they strive to provide sustainable solutions by shedding the industry’s status quo.

Yoshioka & Co specializes in providing a wide selection of superior quality trim and accessories. They are one of Japan’s leading manufacturers and suppliers, boasting a wide production and procurement network in the country and other parts of Asia. Because of their vast collection of piece and yard goods, Yoshioka & Co are reputed to be a one-stop solution for the fashion industry.